Grundg Warrior - created by Glockman

Grundg Warrior
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No sources use (5 years and 1113 days ago)

He plays with cameras - created by Glockman

He plays with cameras
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He hangs out here a lot. (5 years and 402 days ago)

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Full Moon over Dark Harbor - created by Glockman

Full Moon over Dark Harbor
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daylight scene to night time. (5 years and 442 days ago)

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The Dwarf King - created by Glockman

The Dwarf King
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objects made from the source image, all the metal in helmet ,axe blade, and armor. the brown clothing, horns, and the eyes.
all other sources are listed

(5 years and 649 days ago)

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Family Time. - created by Glockman

Family Time.
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The living room photo is my own. (5 years and 598 days ago)

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