Dancing with a friend - created by Glockman

Dancing with a friend
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Koshchei The Deathless ( russian mythology ) - created by Glockman

Koshchei The Deathless  ( russian mythology )
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Koshchei is the Russian mythological guardian of treasure.It is a really suck job because he cannot leave the booty, he is stuck there. If koshchei gets hungry he can't run to McDonald's, he has to wait till someone comes to steal the treasure then he kills them and eats them.
Luckily for Koshcei there are a lot of stupid greedy people in Russian mythology.

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He plays with cameras - created by Glockman

He plays with cameras
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He hangs out here a lot. (5 years and 400 days ago)

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Lilly Lights - created by Glockman

Lilly Lights
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Scary Night - created by Glockman

Scary Night
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Tommy wakes up at 2 am and has a funny feeling, he glances over toward his brothers bed and senses something is not normal. He knows that was his brother John when they went to bed, but now he is not to sure.

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