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He'd Finish the Rest Tomorrow - created by Drivenslush

Hed Finish the Rest Tomorrow
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(5 years and 2353 days ago)

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avatar rbsgrl
rbsgrl says:

Very interesting but I am not understanding the legs sticking out of the ground. Maybe its just my lack of imagination! heehee

author says:

The guy killed someone and he's going to bury the legs tomorrow (You'd make an awful serial killer rbsgrl, LOL)


avatar rbsgrl
rbsgrl says:

Thats so true...or I am just playing dumb!

avatar erathion
erathion says:

very cool work author...idea is top notch and execution so cool...IMHO the light on the house looks a bit odd...i don't think that will be cast that far with weather condition like this...any how this looks so cool and crazy and i like it very much...GL

avatar CrystleClear

i love the mood to this! it looks like an old newspaper clipping

avatar minnie
minnie says:

It looks to me like those illustrations in the old mistery novels!! I want to know how it continues!!
Great work author!!

author says:

good suggestion Nator, I'll see if I have enough time

(went with a blue on low density, keeps the creepiness with out looking like the color of urine )

Thanks Nator

avatar itsdesign
itsdesign says:

nice..good luck

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C U Tomorrow... Alice! - created by genex

C U Tomorrow... Alice!
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After playing with her friend ... Alice comes home. (5 years and 2469 days ago)

10 Sources:

avatar Toothpick134

This is an amazing image only it appears that you have gotten the lighting wrong.. The sun I think is on the left so the shadows should be to the right.. Or is that planet providing the light? GL

author says:

Thanks Toothpick.... the light comes from the planet...

avatar Toothpick134

If so then you might want to decrease the amount of light the light on the left is creating.. I would do this by simply taking a really soft black bush and paint on the light and then decrease the opacity of the layer to something that improves it.. I would estimate if would be something like 40% opacity but check... GL

avatar Toothpick134

Also I'm not sure but isn't source 4 already manipulated?? And therefore would not be allowed.. Just be wary of Mods deleting this and asking you to change source 4...

avatar MnMCarta
MnMCarta says:

OMG HOW COOL!!! I've alwasy wanted to try the "something coming out of the frame" picture but not quite ready yet.

avatar EmiK
EmiK says:

This is indeed a very cool creation, the only thing I noticed is that some of your sources have already been manipulated images, and I had my own creations pulled out of the contest because of that. Just heads up.

avatar erathion
erathion says:

cool work author....lot of things going here and i love it...Great selection of of luck

author says:

Thanks Toothpick.... light decreased.

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

The way you've set this up light-wise is the sun is directly behind the viewer. (Full moon, full Earth). Therefore the sun in background doesn't work. Shadows of things on the ground should be adjusted accordingly. I love your concept.

author says:

Thanks CMYK46

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The Day After Tomorrow - created by dreamboy

The Day After Tomorrow
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Basic techniques are used. Here I like to thanks MarcelTH for the wonderful sky pic and michaelaw for small boat. (5 years and 2484 days ago)

8 Sources:

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

Great rain effects

avatar AdhirAnimator

Really nice...

Best of luck my friend!

author says:

Thanks Adhir and Ponti... I'm so happy to receive a comment from a artist like yoU!

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Two boats with identical damage? One would be enough, and improve the composition. The one at left is not necessary.

author says:

Well you're right. But I can't imagine the composition with only one damage. So I replace left one with different boat.

avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Very nice contrast, movement, and lighting. Well done.

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

Nice idea, well executed! GL!

avatar JPDesigns
JPDesigns says:

oOo scary! And that guy is crazy, why isn't he running for his life?!?!?! lol. Very creative idea, and nicely done!

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There's always tomorrow... - created by ponti55

Theres always tomorrow...
Favs: 24SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 1/11Score: 65.8% (36)27676 views

Thanks to Chulii-stock for her "Misty Mountains" (5 years and 2660 days ago)

5 Sources:

avatar Lamantine
Lamantine says:


avatar Neleous
Neleous says:

loving the way the clouds appear to wisp off of the top of the hills!

avatar RickLaMesa

wow...very nice

avatar Alan2641
Alan2641 says:

Great work on the lighting

avatar keenox
keenox says:

Nice one! Good luck!

avatar pixelkid
pixelkid says:

Agrees with Lamantine!!

avatar swordfish
swordfish says:

beautiful blending..............

avatar artist3001

Great choice of colors!

avatar robvdn
robvdn says:

Remove the reflection of the balloon, the balloon is in front of the water so it can never give a reflection IN the water, a shadow: yes. Furthermore there's a reflection of a cloud which should be behind the mountain not in front of it.

The overall mood is good though.

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

So beautiful... GL!

no avatar


avatar Ressiv
Ressiv says:

Nice mood! But the reflections are of the old source and don't fit this image. As robvdn said, also the balloon wouldn't have a reflection because it's in front of the water. Good luck!

avatar dosboss57
dosboss57 says:

I disagree with the comment about the balloon reflection but that may just be me. This is beautiful....the only issue I have is that there are two light sources hitting the front of the balloon. From what I see, the sun is behind the balloon so this is a little confusing. Great job though!

avatar Chalty669
Chalty669 says:

I give high marks for this one, But...... Every time I come back to look at this, that dang reflection keeps jumping out at me. screaming " I'm here and I'm not supposed to be and there's nothing you can do about it". Maybe I'm going crazy! I would really appreciate it if you could replace him with another. Good luck!

avatar Giggles
Giggles says:

Absolutelly stunning work,love the mood,colors match so well,blending is fantastic...Congratulations author.

avatar Vlado
Vlado says:

Wrong balloon reflection I think =) But Really nice work . Good luck =)

avatar mounirupa
mounirupa says:

excellent... gudwork

avatar shaadow
shaadow says:

realy cool and lovely

avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Great mood and very nice composition.

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

Nice 1! GL 2 U!

avatar CorneliaMladenova

Great and full of hope

avatar rufkut
rufkut says:

You did a good job with this author...

avatar phubar
phubar says:

Nice work Ponti. Grats on 1st.

avatar artgirl1935

Congratulations!! Beautiful entry!

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congratulations and jubilations *sing*

avatar madamemonty

Congrats, lovely work

avatar dosboss57
dosboss57 says:

Congrats....fantastic job

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

Congratulations for the 1st. place, Matteo!

avatar Ressiv
Ressiv says:

Congratulations Ponti! 2 very creative entries!

avatar dekwid
dekwid says:

congrats, you're so great...

avatar akasha
akasha says:

Congrats! What an amazing landscape you've created

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Day after tomorrow - created by Nigrechok

Day after tomorrow
Favs: 1SBS: 5Hi-resRank: 11/11Score: 51.6% (0)5720 views

It took me 3 days to complete this image)) including figuring out What to do and How to do it... Pretty satisfied with the result.
I Do like comments and hi res views) Thank you! (5 years and 3013 days ago)

3 Sources:

avatar animmax
animmax says:

Hahaha - i started one just like it.. I ended up trashing it! Could not get the right feel to pull it off to my liking.. You really need to be sure of your perspective. The buildings should all be on the same angle from our viewpoint. The two outer ones are close but the on in the middle needs to be rotated more. A bit more time on your edges also would help.

avatar gopankarichal

good idea

avatar Tuckinator

ohhhhh cool.

avatar Ory
Ory says:

haha awesome, perspective is totally off but doesnt matter its comical the way it is.

author says:

Yeah, I know perspective... but the ground is kinda shaking and the buildings are dancing around... Anyway I like it the way it is now)

avatar Kid
Kid says:

theres different light source on the buildings and water, goodluck

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