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The attack of Titan MD-7103 - created by langstrum

The attack of Titan MD-7103
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Inspired by the manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) I created this giant Robot from city buildings in the 1st source only.

Thanks Duncan Harris and Moyan Brenn on Flickr for the wonderful stock photos. (5 years and 418 days ago)

2 Sources:

author says:

I don't know if this is the Pxleyes that I used to know or my entry doesn't meet the basic requirements. It took me several days of hard working and I did this simply because I love this site. If I have any problem with this image, please at least tell me, anything.
Thank you all.

avatar spaceranger

Yes author this is the one and only Pxleyes and it's good to see you back my friend! We've changed a little and we are a bit different than you may remember. Source rules are the same as before, no copyrighted images and links must show usage terms just like before.

Your entry is just fine, this contest allows both cyborgs and robots. Nice work, good luck!

author says:

Thank you very much Rein, somehow I feel that our community changed.
PS: I'm sorry, I mistakenly clicked the +1 point thumb up, instead of +5

(5 years and 417 days ago)

avatar kushpatel
kushpatel says:

I recognize your portfolio entry by entry sir. It wasn't hard to guess the author. In addition, your comment and superb SBS indicated that you are back
Turning now to the usual awesome lighting. I was hoping a little blue light reflection on right leg if the ship is close. (or it could be just me). The way you chop your image is inspiring. I love this entry a lot Oh yes background selection is also nice, giving it a tremendous look. Technically your entry is supercool.

author says:

I'm flattered and really appreciate your feedback.
About the blue light, I think I should make it clearer here. If you see the full resolution image, you will find out the ship in the bottom is closer to the viewer and at the far distance compared with the small one nearby the Robot. The sharpness of this ship is low since it's out of focus, and it's much bigger than the second ship. So, there's no reflection at this distance.
And congrats to you, Kushpatel, seems like you're among the Pxleyes elites now. Good luck to your future entries.

(5 years and 415 days ago)

avatar kushpatel
kushpatel says:

Ohk now i' got it right. Overall very beautifully done sir. A lot of work has done, clearly visible. Best luck

avatar robvdn
robvdn says:

Nice entry and good to see you back Sir!

author says:

Thank you, Sir, for your kind words. I'm happy to see you.

Btw, I don't think your mouth is that large last time I saw your photo, did you laugh a lot, Sir?

(5 years and 414 days ago)

avatar red
red says:

congrats langstrum

avatar Stowsk
Stowsk says:


avatar TorDoni
TorDoni says:


avatar anoosh
anoosh says:


avatar kushpatel
kushpatel says:


avatar mitazu08
mitazu08 says:

Congratulation, Langstrum!

avatar mitazu08
mitazu08 says:

Congratulation, Langstrum!

avatar DigitalDreamer

Nice entry congrats

Howdie stranger!
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Gas mining on Titan - created by CMYK46

Gas mining on Titan
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(5 years and 808 days ago)

9 Sources:

avatar rjapzdesign

I like this, very futuristic, GL

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Keiley22 says:

cool work, i have no idea where to start on these contests anymore

avatar bcabilan
bcabilan says:

Nice and very interesting entry. GL!

avatar RickLaMesa

good find on all of the sources, nice DOF...good job all the way around

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

Great sky background.

avatar George55
George55 says: sources...on their place!..... GOOD JOB my friend. GL also......

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

And congats again for a great second place!

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

Congrats, Bob!

avatar spaceranger

Congrats Bob, really good work!!

avatar George55
George55 says:

Congratulations Bob....good job!

Howdie stranger!
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Time Titan - created by erathion

Time Titan
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dA's Best Kept Secret-

Julia Starr-

Marcus J. Ranum-

Laurier Hampton-

Thanks guys for the great resources...

Please watch High Resolution before voting

(5 years and 1719 days ago)

9 Sources:

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

Very atmospheric... well done.

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:


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Fantastic clock........nice idea.....G/L Author.

avatar dollmommy
dollmommy says:

Whole thing is great, awesome creativity. Good Luck

avatar madamemonty

Well done and a great sbs

author says:

Thanks guys for the nice comments...

avatar Govindrathod

Nice work.....

avatar sanky89
sanky89 says:

looks similar to : brilliant work good luck

Howdie stranger!
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