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Fighting - created by nasirkhan

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avatar fatz8016
fatz8016 says:

Wow..that's a great image..

avatar IDt8r
IDt8r says:

What a beautiful blending of images.

avatar derdevil
derdevil says:

Yep this is it

no avatar
sarita says:

wooow...this is amazing!!!

avatar kakarot
kakarot says:

I love it !

avatar spaceranger

Really good work indeed!

avatar DanLundberg

Very cool! The guy could never fit inside those towers, but maybe they're not for him. The tower and wall sides towards us could maybe look more like they're in shadow (i.e., follow the model of the guy).

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

Very very nice chop/blending! Crocorhino (or rhinocroco) is pretty realistic - imagine if we face one of that!!!

avatar Govindrathod

Absolute delight to watch this work.....Beautiful....Lovely...

avatar loopyluv
loopyluv says:

Yup this is great!!! good work!!

avatar hereisanoop

Top 3 for sure...

avatar Geexman
Geexman says:

Excellent work, high votes from me for not using 3d renders!

avatar elinoree
elinoree says:

Fricken awesome

avatar Chalty669
Chalty669 says:

You do such a good job with the overall feel of your entries. The only problem I see is where the left tower meets the ground. It looks like it was meant to sit on the ground? I would suggest to just mask it out to make it look like its behind the ground. If that makes sense.

author says:

DanLundberg and Chalty669 , thanks for your suggesstions. I have worked on shadow and placed left tower behind ground.

avatar 04mehul
04mehul says:

You are very Good Matt painter. .

avatar Drivenslush


avatar kyricom
kyricom says:

Wow. Very nice. Makes me want to go out and get the game

avatar swordfish
swordfish says:

nice images...........

avatar ikrumon
ikrumon says:

If I ignore to comment here I need to be here in pxls. SUPER FANTASTIC ENTRY!!!!! author, wish you good good good good goood and good luck

avatar sophia
sophia says:

very nice wonderfull work

avatar Lamantine
Lamantine says:

awesome work ! great job with the rhino and the crocodile merge , it looks overall like a game , good luck !

avatar busmav
busmav says:

Amazing work. Good luck.

avatar darkshellie23

very creative.. GL

avatar jaskier
jaskier says:

Very good blend.

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Nicely done.

avatar dollmommy
dollmommy says:

Very convincing scene......nicely worked.....wonderfully creative. gl

avatar RAZ0R
RAZ0R [banned] says:

avatar langstrum
langstrum says:

Congratulations in advance, author

no avatar

Absolutely amazing..........Great!! G/L Author.

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your first place, Nasir!

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Congrats for 1st, really great.

avatar madamemonty

Congrats Nasir, fabulous work

avatar swordfish
swordfish says:

congrats Nasir.............javascript:placetext(""

avatar cabldawg71


no avatar

congratulations!! good work....

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

congrats on your 1st place, Nasir, very nice work.

avatar sophia
sophia says:

Congrats nasir

avatar derdevil
derdevil says:


avatar artgirl1935

Congratulations! Beautiful entry!!

avatar annabat
annabat [banned] says:

Great job sweetie, this was awesome!!! I just saw it today, somehow I missed this contest!

avatar spaceranger


avatar dreamboy
dreamboy says:

Great job khan, good use of stock images.

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