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Which one? - created by HavingFun

Which one?
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the source came from: Uploaded by
dkcandle (5 years and 3008 days ago)

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味焦 蛙味 - frogburger - created by angeluzend

味焦 蛙味 - frogburger
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I used the shape of the first burger to draw the head of the frog, and little pieces of the source have been enlarged to create big flat shapes of color. Then I putted the burger on the dish.

The japanese ideograms (seen that i don't know Japanese) come from an online dictionary: I simply used the ideograms for Delicious - Hamburger and Frog - Taste

Don't you find it enticing? (5 years and 3009 days ago)

BURGER LOVERS - created by etherwarrior

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Only Sauce pic used!! (5 years and 3008 days ago)

I hate onions :) - created by Derivatix

I hate onions :)
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all source :-)
I exctracted the onions and some bread to make crumbs, used the stamp-tool and the warp tool (don't know if it's the right name, it's the transaction tool that lets you bend things) the make the plate rim, for the bottom of the plate I created a muster from the rim and used the noise-filter (I have the german version of cs2) on it. For the table I extracted the piece in front of the plate and distorted it behind the plate.
That's about it, hope you like it! (5 years and 3012 days ago)

Burger & Fries MMMM - created by Anjii119

Burger & Fries MMMM
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Yummy burger and fries! (5 years and 3011 days ago)

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