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Us humans live on the earth and have our own habits and habitat we live in. We form countries, groups, families and above all we are the live form which dominates this world. But what if one certain type of animal would rule the world and they are the ones living it like it is owned by them. Pick an animal type and show how a city or village of these animals living together would look like based on the habits and techniques we humans have.

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Suggested by: ceebeeart

darkshellie23: cool, I hope I come up with something ( 5 years and 1984 days ago )
arkncheeze: lol reminds me of the game s.wi.n.e where rabbits and pig fight out with each other using tank, guns and airplanes lol ( 5 years and 1983 days ago )

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Guard Duty - created by JustinCase

Guard Duty
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Credit to bubbidge and awottawa for the use of thier images on

They have both been notified. (5 years and 1979 days ago)

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Tiger Art - created by jsk123

Tiger Art
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(5 years and 1978 days ago)

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Guerrilla Warfare!! - created by etherwarrior

Guerrilla Warfare!!
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Special Op Sniper Guerrilla's (5 years and 1977 days ago)

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The business monkey - created by invasorsl

The business monkey
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A fusion by the pass with the future... The monkey domination!! (5 years and 1977 days ago)

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Monkey Bizness - created by RickLaMesa

Monkey Bizness
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(5 years and 1977 days ago)

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