Thinking monkey - created by isoflow

Thinking monkey
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If monkeys ruled the world, they would sit down and think. (5 years and 2148 days ago)

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Ambulance and Police show off - created by robvdn

Ambulance and Police show off
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The animalworlds finest show off what they are made off. (5 years and 2150 days ago)

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scuba shark - created by ladybug

scuba shark
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(5 years and 2146 days ago)

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Pig on sofa - created by isoflow

Pig on sofa
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I have used three layers only and merged them together using layer masks. The landscape is from Denmark, and it's my own picture. I have flipped it horizontal and rotated it. The sofa I got from Flickr (source 1). The pig image is one of my own. I had to clone on of the legs because one of the legs in the original image was covered by grass.

After merging the layers I did some color adjustments to give the image an oldish color tone. (5 years and 2149 days ago)

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dogs living as humans - created by k5683

dogs living as humans
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The contest says "Pick an animal type and show how a city or village of these animals living together would look like based on the habits and techniques we humans have." I have put dogs living together and they are using the habits and techniques we humans have.
This is not good, even though it took me a long time for some reason, but I had to get my idea out there ;) (5 years and 2147 days ago)

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