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Take any copyright free photo and transform it into a robot or cyborg,

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Hunta3454

CMYK46: I assume this means using one photo as the basis for the entry, but we are allowed to use other sources as well? ( 5 years and 1223 days ago )
Contest Moderator: Yes, you can use other source images but don't forget the contest theme, transform something or someone into a robot or a cyborg. ( 5 years and 1223 days ago )

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silent moment - created by anoosh

silent moment
Favs: 6SBS: 10Hi-resRank: 1/10Score: 75.6% (46)6085 views

i always wanna do something like this :) (5 years and 1222 days ago)

3 Sources:

The attack of Titan MD-7103 - created by langstrum

The attack of Titan MD-7103
Favs: 4SBS: 2Hi-resRank: 2/10Score: 74.6% (40)11781 views

Inspired by the manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) I created this giant Robot from city buildings in the 1st source only.

Thanks Duncan Harris and Moyan Brenn on Flickr for the wonderful stock photos. (5 years and 1219 days ago)

2 Sources:

My Annie, How You've Grown.... - created by Stowsk

My Annie, How Youve Grown....
Favs: 3SBS: 9Hi-resRank: 3/10Score: 72.2% (33)6342 views

(5 years and 1222 days ago)

9 Sources:

ROBO-Warrior - created by anoosh

Favs: 2SBS: 5Hi-resRank: 4/10Score: 69.5% (25)4858 views

have no fear Robo-warrior is here (5 years and 1220 days ago)

4 Sources:

Demonstration Model - created by CMYK46

Demonstration Model
Favs: 0SBS: 3Hi-resRank: 5/10Score: 67.8% (18)3824 views

(5 years and 1218 days ago)

3 Sources: