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Alien Story - created by tnaylor21286

Alien Story
Favs: 0SBS: 7Hi-resRank: 1/7Score: 67.6% (38)15871 views

I intentionally spelled Disney as "Dizney" and PIXAR as "PIXTAR" because I was not sure if I could use the actual names of the companies. Please let me know if using the actual names of the companies Disney and PIXAR is ok. Thanks! (5 years and 665 days ago)

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Alien Kid in a Candy Shoppe - created by rturnbow

Alien Kid in a Candy Shoppe
Favs: 0SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 2/7Score: 66.3% (32)20152 views

(5 years and 665 days ago)

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Visitors from PXL planet - created by CMYK46

Visitors from PXL planet
Favs: 0SBS: 3Hi-resRank: 3/7Score: 66% (26)14849 views

(5 years and 667 days ago)

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Visit to Texas - created by JannaR

Visit to Texas
Favs: 0SBS: 2Hi-resRank: 4/7Score: 66% (1)13808 views

(5 years and 664 days ago)

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Take Me to Your Leader - created by JannaR

Take Me to Your Leader
Favs: 0SBS: 1Hi-resRank: 5/7Score: 65.7% (1)9507 views

Background source image is my own, shown in the SBS. (5 years and 666 days ago)