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CMYK46: Source image needs to be bigger! ( 5 years and 945 days ago )

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Bud Blown away - created by IRONCOW

Bud Blown away
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I saw the image and had to do it, I loved this ad when I was a kid.

This image is based on a Maxell ad called blown away I just used it for reference. I used a free set of brushes/textures

http://www.highresolutiontextures.com/free-wood-fence-3d-textures-pack-with-transparent-backgrounds (5 years and 941 days ago)

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alien - created by kushpatel

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thanks to gogdog (5 years and 942 days ago)

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new life - created by kushpatel

new life
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please watch high resolution friends
(5 years and 941 days ago)

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Nigella - created by nicehotcupoftea

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I wondered where that last piece of cake went!

My own photos are shown in the sbs. (5 years and 943 days ago)

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stuffed trouble - created by elficho

stuffed trouble
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(5 years and 940 days ago)

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