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orientallass - created by orientallad

Favs: 8SBS: 9Hi-resRank: 1/5Score: 73.8% (44)10218 views

Three days of persistent work, i'm about to pass out, the only thing that keeps me conscious is the way this piece turned out, i hope you guys like it. (5 years and 961 days ago)

1 Source:

Umbrella Island - created by Toothpick134

Umbrella Island
Favs: 1SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 2/5Score: 68.7% (34)13780 views

Not a lot of external sources as you see, most of the work was done just by shading and transforming. (5 years and 966 days ago)

2 Sources:

Li'l Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep - created by artgirl1935

Lil Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep
Favs: 0SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 3/5Score: 67.7% (28)29061 views

Just source used (5 years and 961 days ago)

Casting for Omar - created by Drivenslush

Casting for Omar
Favs: 0SBS: 15Hi-resRank: 4/5Score: 62.8% (0)4243 views

(5 years and 962 days ago)

1 Source:

No comments yet... Be the first!Casting, for, Omar

New Wall Of Square - created by rahul.savalia26

New Wall Of Square
Favs: 3SBS: 15Hi-resRank: 5/5Score: 59.5% (0)13760 views

Umbrella art on wallpaper.

Simple & Easy way. (5 years and 963 days ago)