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On Saturday October 1st, 2011 we send of the 'PXL ON TOUR' shirt on a worldwide journey which, hopefully, will last exactly 1 year.
The 'PXL ON TOUR' shirt will visit as many pxleyes members as possible in as many countries and hopefully visiting all continents. Our own magazine THE EYE will keep you updated by posting photos of this journey every edition for the next year.
If you want to join you can sign up here.

Now about this contest:
This 'PXL ON TOUR'shirt needs a design, a print to put on the front. It's your task in this contest to design this print.
The winning entry will be on the 'PXL ON TOUR'shirt and travel the world!
- Format: A4 at 300DPI (3508 x 2480 pixels), preferably landscape but portrait is also good.
- no hard edges towards the outside (preferable make it a gradient to white towards the outside) or frame it somehow.
- The PXL logo must be included as must the text "PXL ON TOUR" be clearly visible and readable. (You can use the logo instead of the word PXL).
The PXL logo can be downloaded here
- the print may be full color.
- if you win you must provide us with a flattened (merge all layers!) PSD file. We will contact you for it with the emailadress you can use. Please send it ASAP.

Have fun and make your design PXLEYES worthy!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

MnMCarta: Remembering "Flat Monty" and hoping he's in a safe and happ place somewhere on a tropical island having a martini :::: lol ( 5 years and 2277 days ago )
scratzilla1: great comp idea.... WHERE IS FLAT MONTY? they could post an image of flat monty .. then everyone could photochop where Monty is ...... off to the suggestions with this idea.. to see what happens..

( 5 years and 2277 days ago )
robvdn: Yes this idea is based on 'Flat Monty', I liked the idea a lot and since FM is missing in action we decided to restart the idea with a twist. So thanks to Magicsteve for the basic idea and inspiration. ( 5 years and 2277 days ago )
iquraishi: I've a suggestion to the mods.. Why don't you guys print the 1st place entry on the front of the t shirt and 2nd place entry on the back? ( 5 years and 2268 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
If you want to participate in this contest, just:


Yippee!! World Tour!! - created by iquraishi

Yippee!! World Tour!!
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No external resources or references used. Completely done just using shapes I created using pen tool. Do take a look in high resolution and let me know. Thanks :) (5 years and 2273 days ago)

Around the World in 365 Days - created by Majkman

Around the World in 365 Days
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the back could be the other side of the earth and people could mark their approx. location (5 years and 2277 days ago)

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On Tour - created by Hayato

On Tour
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I have the first alternate design on my SBS. Please feel free to check on it & leave some feedback if you'd like.

This was a quick concept I made during my free time. Just want to participate anyway.

Btw, I hope this is quite a "Less is More" Shirt-Design.


Thanks in advance. (5 years and 2272 days ago)

PXL World Tour - created by lchappell

PXL World Tour
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The source for mother Earth is compliments of "NOAA-NASA GOES Project" The images at this site are in the public domain.
The particular image is the GEOS EAST latest full disk image 19:40 UTC Sept. 1 2011. I used this particular days picture for this work it was found@ http://goes.gsfc.nasa.gov/goescolor/goeseast/overview2/color_lrg/latestfull.jpg

The WEBSITE where I got this particular picture is linked below...find the NASA link named "full disk image" these will vary as so does the weather. (5 years and 2273 days ago)

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Around the world in an year! - created by iquraishi

Around the world in an year!
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thanks to lukeroberts for world map (5 years and 2272 days ago)

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