Beyond the Horizon - created by lchappell

Beyond the Horizon
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This tutorial was inspirational:

Layer masking with curves, color balance, and levels layer adjustments applied. (5 years and 887 days ago)

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a girl - created by nanaris

a girl
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the girl face is painted and the other parts is from source files. (5 years and 887 days ago)

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Taller - created by Poss

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Thanks to Kandoka and bugdog at for their great photographs. The Giraffe photos were taken by me and included in the SBS. This is intended to be a surreal manipulation Bob. All comments are appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (5 years and 888 days ago)

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why you left me..? - created by dreamboy

why you left me..?
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Made one month before. And now I'm sharing it.
I would like to thanks:

for providing s t o c K! (5 years and 891 days ago)

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Evil Reborn - created by ChristianDarmali

Evil Reborn
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Credit to : : for fire. : for background image. : Smoke Brush

The other image is my own.
(5 years and 888 days ago)

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