Banana boat - created by Glockman

Banana boat
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well, I try again, this was pulled from the original contest because I was told it was entered to late ? although the submit vote sign was up for almost 5 hrs after I entered it . (5 years and 1126 days ago)

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Despair - created by erikuri

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Time over for "One sense less", so I'm uploading this entry here...

Thanks to:
- petrenko @;
- Paul Moore @ Photoxpress;
- Renaud d'Avout d'Auerstaedt @ Wikimedia Commons;
- calebkimbrough @ Flickr. (5 years and 1126 days ago)

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Death messenger - created by AdhirAnimator

Death messenger
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Special thanks to mjranum for providing Zentai and The Grim Weedwhacker stock. (5 years and 1121 days ago)

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Lost - created by yoguy108

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figure - private stock, was taken at jaffa piers
(5 years and 1127 days ago)

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Drowning Island - created by ankitsuhaill

Drowning Island
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after almost 6 months i managed to submit a new entry.

Only ps and some stocks used.

hope you will like it.
(5 years and 1121 days ago)

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