I think she left me - created by derdevil

I think she left me
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I know it can be done better, but I didn' t want to use smoke brushes or other smoke sources, so I've restricted myself only to source image and wanted to use it as much as possible. Background is same source image blurred and levels/curves adjusted :)

Credit to xn3ctz from DA for model (5 years and 2593 days ago)

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Fading - created by erikuri

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Fading like a dream...

Thanks to:
- Oleg Seleznev @ Photoxpress;
- 10steps.sg for reference tutorial.

(5 years and 2595 days ago)

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Curiouser and Curiouser - created by TwilightMuse

Curiouser and Curiouser
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I couldn't resist attempting to make this image. Its always been one of my favorite scenes. I've drawn it, colored it, painted it and finally photoshopped it.There were a great deal of steps involved because of all the versions I toyed with. This is the one I settled on. I'm sure there are areas that will need improved but at this moment I'm fairly pleased. I used smoke brushes for the letters. they were created by
Digit-L-teknique at Deviantart.
Grass brushes by calthyechild
at Deviantart.
The caterpillar was by SunRunnerStock at Deviantart.
The Shisha brush was created by Dr-Garushi
at Deviantart.
The other images used were my own and are included in the SBS. (5 years and 2597 days ago)

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Merry Christmas - created by layerstack

Merry Christmas
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Have a Merry Christmas!! ;-) (5 years and 2597 days ago)

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Simple Pleasures - created by libertysgems

Simple Pleasures
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Created with a single picture of my own and the supplied smoke. Layered on the smoke, resized a bit, used clone tool at 25% opacity to blend edges and to pull smoke down into cup. (5 years and 2598 days ago)