Smoked! - created by TwilightMuse

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The one source image used was the cracks. Thanks Neriah! The girl is mine. The smoke is from pxleyes of course. SBS coming soon! (5 years and 2599 days ago)

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Fight - created by AdhirAnimator

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Would you like to fight?

Inspired by Mortal kombat :-)

Grunge and other effect created by my personal custom brush!

(5 years and 2594 days ago)

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Phoenix - created by Lamantine

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This was done for the fire people contest but considering I used the source in this contest, I preferred posting it here :)

Credits to and Auran for Stock. (5 years and 2595 days ago)

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Matrix - created by CrystleClear

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i kept it simple..did everything all in one layer! (does not mean it was easy, getting all the colors and contrast right lol)

i played with the colors, contrasts and brightness, i applied this matrix background and did the same thing, then combined the two and voila! (5 years and 2600 days ago)

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