Lunatic Glamour - created by Lamantine

Lunatic Glamour
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Flowers are made with the girl's lips.

Credits to ~venom-stock , ~Be-fore , Oleg_ Gur'jnov and Mykola Velychko. (5 years and 1770 days ago)

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one century old - created by mircea

one century old
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this is an entry from the old website.. and the source image is also from there (5 years and 1773 days ago)

Night in ruins - created by AdhirAnimator

Night in ruins
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Night in ruins thanks to for providing photo of ruin and moon, rest of all done in PS!

(5 years and 1771 days ago)

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The Prophetess - created by Lamantine

The Prophetess
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Credits to : ~JulieLangford ,
~thesiNister-stock ,
~kayne-stock , teambo,
=night-fate-stock and
for stock images.

This was removed from the insect mutations contest. So I decided to enter it here. (5 years and 1775 days ago)

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Waiting For Him... - created by Lamantine

Waiting For Him...
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Credits to ~Lisajen-stock , ~Enchantedgal-Stock , starush and =night-fate-stock. (5 years and 1772 days ago)

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