Dragon Six - created by Poss

Dragon Six
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I took a picture of a section of weathered cement patio floor in my backyard that reminded me of a dragon. I painted in what I saw and was tempted to elaborate and add alot more to it but decided to remain faithful to my original vision. I'm somewhat demented. (5 years and 1479 days ago)

Stop Animal Cruelty - created by erathion

Stop Animal Cruelty
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Thanks guys for the great resources... (5 years and 1477 days ago)

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Sitting Tall - created by digitalpharaoh

Sitting Tall
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Thanks to Jascha400d for the background image. Shadows are probably a little off. (5 years and 1481 days ago)

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Deep Space - created by taintedhockey

Deep Space
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Another drawing on photoshop I created all from scratch, earlier than the one below!

In this drawing I as well used circular marquee a lot and the gaussian effect. To create the nebula in the top left i used A LOT of brushes and other effects such as Color dodge and more. I used the layer settings as well to tweak up the glowing effects of everything. And finally finished it off with a solar flare shining behind the planet to give it its sunrise effect. (5 years and 1480 days ago)

loch ness monster sighseeing - created by jack2

loch ness monster sighseeing
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i have make this entry for water creatures contest but my pc crash so im late

sourse for pinguin http://www.flickr.com/photos/joachim_s_mueller/420862080/ (5 years and 1481 days ago)

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