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Cowboys, Indians, Union Pacific, the Gold Rush and train robbers: it's time to make a nice homage to the Wild West! Go watch some good old western movies or read the Karl May books again for inspiration and create your best interpretation of this period in American history. If you're not familiar with it, see this Wikipage
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Suggested by: wazowski

cabldawg71: woot good contest suggestion ( 5 years and 2327 days ago )
woodztockr: any old west since it was over 70 should be good to go right? ( 5 years and 2327 days ago )
woodztockr: That is any old west picture since over 70yrs old, like billy the kid, butch and sundance, and stuff like that right? ( 5 years and 2327 days ago )
wazowski: @woodztockr: Billy, Butch and Sundance are good examples, but of course there was way more back then. Check the wikipage for more inspiration otherwise . I'm not following you completely about the 70yrs old, btw... ( 5 years and 2327 days ago )
Drivenslush: old american west ended in the 1920's and bled into carnivale etc... (electricity will do that to ya.. LOL).. hence 70yrs ago ( 5 years and 2327 days ago )
artgirl1935: I may not enter this contest, but really enjoyed reading the Wikapedia info. So many ideas to choose from. ( 5 years and 2326 days ago )
cabldawg71: I met John Wesley Hardin III in Colorado and he said his great grampa ws worsr then what they wrote of him. lol, and this guy shot a man for snoring to loud. ( 5 years and 2326 days ago )
rithin: good ( 5 years and 2325 days ago )
erathion: Same fighting guys used for 2 entry's...funny... ( 5 years and 2323 days ago )

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Showdown - created by solkee

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Why always cowboys?
These guys look nicer and are probably meaner.

Thanks to mjranum-stock and LongStock from DeviantArt. (5 years and 2323 days ago)

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Gun Fight - created by Nator

Gun Fight
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Native American Beulah - created by Drivenslush

Native American Beulah
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Trail of Tears - created by artgirl1935

Trail of Tears
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It is said that many tears were shed as Indians, native to America, were forced to move from their beloved homeland further into the West. Many of them died during the long trip, and later other Indian tribes fought them for invading 'their' lands. They were truly a big part of the 'Wild West'. Thanks to the following for source photos:
timbobee at flckr.com for the misty town photo; thivierr at flckr.com for Indians in parade; RandySonofRobert at flckr.com for group of horses at volcano;kabir_at morguefile.com for the sky Indian (also in a parade); and alvimann at morguefile.com for the two women walking;The tepee is by Irish_eyes_at morguefile.com (5 years and 2321 days ago)

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Gun battle - created by hsbee

Gun battle
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EDIT: corrected lighting in the sky... (5 years and 2324 days ago)

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