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This contest is a play on opposites. You pick either to have elements or characters that usually get along or go together and make them NOT get along or go together - examples: Police officer and bank robber hugging, a cat enjoying a swim, Water and fire dancing, etc.
you can take elements/characters that normally DO go together, and have them NOT get a long/complement each other. Examples: a bear that hates honey, a duck that's afraid of water, coffee that doesn't want cream etc.
Basically it has to be the opposite of what you would expect from the elements in your entry. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: annabat

SilverSurfer: Great idea there annabrat! ( 5 years and 2819 days ago )
elficho: yes, this will be fun! ( 5 years and 2819 days ago )
gigi: Well drats...this is what I did in the cat challenge. Hmmm...I like this so need to think again. ( 5 years and 2818 days ago )
Toothpick134: Wow cool idea! ( 5 years and 2818 days ago )
anthonysingh: wow this'll be fun ( 5 years and 2818 days ago )
richian: yeah !! ( 5 years and 2812 days ago )
cabldawg71: this is a cool contest wonderful idea anna ( 5 years and 2812 days ago )
orientallad: sounds fun contest,i like the idea,but to me,sincerity makes friends remain friends and never turn to foe,unless there is misinterpreting,thats why i alway apologize to my friends whenever i feel they misinterpret my behaviour,and say:"i never meant any harm" ( 5 years and 2810 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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BFF - created by erathion

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A man of little words-

Mila Vasileva-

Thanks guys for the great resources... (5 years and 2811 days ago)

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Surf's Up!! - created by RickLaMesa

Surfs Up!!
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(5 years and 2816 days ago)

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Ice Candles - created by RickLaMesa

Ice Candles
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Dont thread on me! - created by RAZ0R

Dont thread on me!
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friend or foe_29421 - created by Chalty669

friend or foe_29421
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Mustard is tired of being the second choice, he's out for revenge. (5 years and 2811 days ago)

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