Shot (updated) - created by erikuri

Shot (updated)
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Punch - created by atajan

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Never Punch A Woman!!!

credit to "robby_m" for water (5 years and 1791 days ago)

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Broken Glass - created by Musicman30141

Broken Glass
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Used 1 source picture. Used lasso tool and eraser to chop glass. Used Lasso tool and cut and pasted onto the actual background of the source. Cut and pasted several glasses and faded them. Added grain on a background layer. Blurred and rendered lighting effect. Thanx to sachyn at Stock Exchange for his source pic. (5 years and 1789 days ago)

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shooting - created by XphotoshoperX

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Running on water (revised) - created by ChristianTheMagician

Running on water (revised)
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please vote again because the original was taken off from copyright issues.
This picture was put together with a picture of a beach, and a jogger. I used layers of the jogger and opacity to create the effect.

the lady was from markbierd on and the background was from paraflier, don't copy this image as it has partial copyrights from the original. just make your own. thanks. (5 years and 1789 days ago)

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