Fruit Shooter - created by lchappell

Fruit Shooter
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Ultimate Ninja - created by gamemastertips

Ultimate Ninja
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The ultimate ninja! Can you catch a flaming arrow? Slice a watermelon in mid-air? Break a plank of wood with your foot? All at once??

Some photos used are my own. All external sources used are mentioned, see SBS for my photos. (5 years and 1756 days ago)

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Bullet in action - created by nasirkhan

Bullet in action
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Thanks to Giallo for his great tutorial

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Rocket Strike - created by erathion

Rocket Strike
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No external sources used,only PS... (5 years and 1758 days ago)

RUNNING FOR LIFE - created by cterraza

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thanks to DSchaeffer for the jackrabbit image
to bugdog for THE EAGLE IN FLIGHT image
and to tonyclough for BIRD TALON. image.
I hope this entry is on theme. its suposed to be a frozen image, where you can see both animals in the air. (5 years and 1757 days ago)

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