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Water is essential for life. But what if there was no water on this planet? Your goal is to create an entry where water supposed to be the subject, but then in a waterless world.
You can replace the water in your entry for any other element or substance or just let it disappear, as long as you can show that there should have been water in your image. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: wazowski

wazowski: Suggested by wazowski ( 5 years and 2781 days ago )
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langstrum: No red flag? poor wazo ( 5 years and 2780 days ago )
wazowski: Tip: feel free to think more abstract. No water doesnt necessarely have to mean that it's dry ( 5 years and 2779 days ago )
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Welcome to the Past - created by langstrum

Welcome to the Past
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Sorry if the resolution is not that high, it depends on the sources. Also, to avoid misunderstanding that this work can be off theme, I explain the center image is just the photo, so actually this is the world without water. (5 years and 2775 days ago)

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No water in manhattan - created by DML

No water in manhattan
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Thanks for view and comments. (5 years and 2773 days ago)

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now is desert - created by mariosilva

now is desert
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(5 years and 2778 days ago)

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Gone Fishing - created by sjsmiuk

Gone Fishing
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with thanks to gurss, fcd and asifthebes (5 years and 2780 days ago)

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Desolation (updated) - created by erikuri

Desolation (updated)
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Nature asks for help...

Thanks to Cleber Machado on Flickr. (5 years and 2779 days ago)

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