Shy Humanoid - created by erikuri

Shy Humanoid
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She's so shy... :o (5 years and 1984 days ago)

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Mechanization - created by mariosilva

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(5 years and 1987 days ago)

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The Escape of War Horses - created by langstrum

The Escape of War Horses
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The call of mother nature....

Great thanks to the stock images of authors I listed in the source links
Another authors are also credited:
tigg-stock (DA) for the armor (
cosmos-resources (DA) for the castle brush
( (5 years and 1988 days ago)

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Model XYZ - created by divair

Model XYZ
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I worked on the background, the dome and the model separetely, putting them together to create my entry. In the SBS I show how I created the background and the dome. For well known reasons, the creation of the android was left out.

Credit model: Voivodess

All of the wires and cables are in the pack Wires Collection (see source - very useful indeed) (5 years and 1988 days ago)

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Robodog - created by erikuri

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Bow wow!... Bip-bip!... :) (5 years and 1985 days ago)

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