Creating a "monster"... - created by Brandon

Creating a "monster"...
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Picture of arm is my own photo. Will post in SBS.

See links for rest of sources. (5 years and 1750 days ago)

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Hand Gun - created by jaescoe21

Hand Gun
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i used my own hand for this photo (5 years and 1746 days ago)

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Pose like a robot - created by siderismaris

Pose like a robot
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The plastic wrap filter was very useful for creating the shiny texture of the skin. However, the blurry brushes have been more helpful to emphasize the lights on the skin. My tablet was very useful, as you can see that the image looks as a digital and airbrush drawing. But what made my day bright was the smudge tool which is wonderful to use for smoothening the contours and the textures.

credits and thanks: (5 years and 1746 days ago)

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Fish Robo - created by sanky89

Fish Robo
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Thanks 4 the resources...
* 1: Lens-- gegojr
* 2: circuit---sooperkuh
* 3: circuit--saulinis-stock
* 4: Water Brush--lizard--queen
* 5: Fish---CozycomfycouchStock (5 years and 1746 days ago)

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sleeping automat - created by mariosilva

sleeping automat
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(5 years and 1750 days ago)

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