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A lot of people have two sides: one good and one evil. Use a picture of a person and make a part of him look kind and the other part evil. You can do it via facial expressions, certain actions, or anything you like to show two opposite sides of the same person. Good luck!

Required level: 8+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Lamantine

PSA2009: Very interesting!!!! i was os excited when i saw this contest... But the realized that i just need to gain one more level to enter!!!! Lets hope the voting goes by my side over this weekend so that i can gain talent point.... Really want to enter this one! Good Luck people ( 5 years and 2900 days ago )
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Beauty or the beast! - created by freejay

Beauty or the beast!
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An entry i created 2 years ago for PST.
Made a few minor changes since, and thought this fitted the theme nicely. (5 years and 2901 days ago)

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Equilibrium - created by langstrum

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The everlasting battle inside of human kind...
Credits to these authors on Deviantart:
stock-by-kai (5 years and 2896 days ago)

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Pair of Hearts - created by erathion

Pair of Hearts
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Kai Princess-

Marcus J. Ranum-

Mila Vasileva-

Resources + Images-


Brenda Clarke-

Thanks guys for the great resources...

For PXLeyes voters
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The deal - created by langstrum

The deal
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What is happening inside our chest? Can we be both sin and saint? One deal can decide that...
This is the idea of showing the nature inside, so the appearances of the characters are not important, not need to be the same person.
Please check the Hi-Res before voting. Thank you very much, hope you like it.

Thank to Marcus Ranum for the awesome stocks of models, atomicpixel (Deviantart) for the X-ray image of the hand, isostock (Deviantart) for the X-ray image of the chest, and aestchen (Deviantart) for the metalic heart. (5 years and 2895 days ago)

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Part Devil - created by Nator

Part Devil
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(5 years and 2896 days ago)

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