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Early 1900. Picture

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On the rack or on a person. Take a photo that shows clothing from another era. A brief description would be beneficial as everyone may have a different concept as to what is considered vintage.

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Suggested by: audreyj

audreyj: My suggestion! Horrible timing for me as I have zero opportunity to participate this week. But LOVE the entries so far! ( 5 years and 1822 days ago )

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Early 1900. - created by karaflazz

Early 1900.
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Various ages - created by omer53

Various ages
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Scottland - created by Remsphoto

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This person was acting as a living statue of a drummer probably during the Scottish wars in the 13th century. Every once in a while she would rip off a drum set and scare the heck out the spectators walking by. (5 years and 1818 days ago)

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St Petersburg - created by friiskiwi

St Petersburg
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Tell it like it is - created by erinfihe

Tell it like it is
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two men dressed up in a old civil war look, and of course the hat! (5 years and 1823 days ago)