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The idea of this contest is to take a photo representing days gone by, or days past...The image has to have something or represent a period in history at LEAST 50 years ago or older. Monuments and landmarks are NOT permitted, as in taking a photo of Stonehenge, or the Roman Colosseum, but you may photograph antiques, people dressed in period clothing etc.

NOTE:Also for this contest, we are not allowing buildings (external shots) for the sake we just had a buildings contest already.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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friiskiwi: Scary, when 50 years ago, doesn't seem all that long ago. ( 5 years and 2024 days ago )
MnMCarta: Scary to think they didn't have color television! Or Ipads or Cell phones... or omg.... playstations!!!!! BUT... people did go outside to have fun or actually speak to someone when they wanted to talk to them and not text. ( 5 years and 2020 days ago )
friiskiwi: Only dial phones, and local calls were expensive, you even had to book to make an overseas call, record players (vinyl). You knew smoking wasn't good for you, but had no idea how bad it was, drinking and driving was discouraged, but everybody did it.
No microwave ovens, everybody cooked and baked, and made their own clothes.
Kennedy was the president and the world looked like a promising place. ( 5 years and 2018 days ago )

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hackney, the car of the past - created by SaHdeeQ

hackney, the car of the past
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A little sip - created by Remsphoto

A little sip
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Dated 1904, this tiny silver overlay flask was kept close to the bedside for that little nip before getting under the covers. The built in cup fits on the flask bottom. The silver overlay craft is long forgotten. (5 years and 2021 days ago)

Saddle Up - created by BeSea

Saddle Up
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Old sewing machine - created by Artifakts

Old sewing machine
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Cha-ching - created by photogirl723

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