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Yes the Olympics are here and it is your turn to shoot one of the Olympic summer sports. You do not have to visit the Olympics, this contest is about Olympic Sports. Only sports are allowed which are Olympic, an overview of Olympic sports can be found here.

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Suggested by: robvdn

kyricom: I assume that when the list says "football," it means what Americans call soccer, right? ( 5 years and 915 days ago )
robvdn: @Kyricom, yep the one and only football :p ( 5 years and 915 days ago )
MnMCarta: That explains why the guys in the bar turned around a looked at me funny when I said "oh great we get to watch soccer... sigh" lol ( 5 years and 913 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Womens hurdles - created by Remsphoto

Womens hurdles
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(5 years and 908 days ago)

Beach volleyball - created by Remsphoto

Beach volleyball
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Two person beach volleyball is a blast to watch and play. (5 years and 913 days ago)

Road cycling - created by friiskiwi

Road cycling
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(5 years and 912 days ago)

Football - created by kyricom

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(5 years and 913 days ago)

Phelps? - created by kyricom

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Well, maybe not Michael Phelps, but he was still pretty good. :-) (5 years and 915 days ago)