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Many hobbies and professions have specific types of clothing that instantly identify them. From leather-clad motorcyclists to ballerinas, golfers to country square dancers, bagpipers to Greek dancers, Alpine Yodelers to Native American Pow Wow participants.

The GOAL: To capture any form of CULTURAL costume. Work Uniforms, Safety Equipment, Swimwear, or any form of Protective Uniforms will be Off Theme. You are encouraged to capture the esoteric identification of a particular outfit. NOTE: Your entry MUST BE TITLED WITH THE SUBJECT COSTUME - e.g. "Alpine Yodeler," "Traditional Golfer," etc.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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Kayan, Burma - created by friiskiwi

Kayan, Burma
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Fijian - created by friiskiwi

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Still wondering - created by Remsphoto

Still wondering
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The kilt is most connected to the scottish highlands and the highland games. This herder wears his ligitimate outfit. (5 years and 1113 days ago)

Cambodia - created by friiskiwi

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Indian Boy - created by denita4991

Indian Boy
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