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Take your most artistic photo of paint. A rack of oil or acrylic tubes; a roller lifted, dripping out of a pan; paint chip cards scattered across a counter, a paint mixing machine at full speed; an airbrush or spray can misting a color; dripping fingernail polish... While the paint itself need not be visible, it still must be the focal point of your photo.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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full of colour - created by friiskiwi

full of colour
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(5 years and 734 days ago)

colorful - created by matka

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(5 years and 736 days ago)

Opps - created by Remsphoto

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(5 years and 737 days ago)

Active oils - created by Remsphoto

Active oils
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(5 years and 736 days ago)

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Art Clash Table Setting - created by k5683

Art Clash Table Setting
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(5 years and 738 days ago)