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Night time is wonderful and a pain to photographers. It depends on what you want. Night time is great for long exposure, but horrible for portraits without proper lighting. Try and use the advantages and disadvantages of taking photos at night to create a unique shot. It MUST be obvious it is night and that your photo is long exposure. You must be outside or there must be a window to show that is is night time. You can use flash or natural light, but be careful with the flash, you can create some heavy unwanted shadowing and harsh whites.

Put the exposure time in the description.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: dem90

friiskiwi: With the high ISO available, night shots are possible with out long exposure, what is considered long exposure, and do we have to state our exposure time. ( 5 years and 1884 days ago )
Contest Moderator: For this contest, there is a minimum exposure time required. I will not disclose the time, because everyone will just say it.... but to be fair.... a fraction isn't in it LOL. ( 5 years and 1884 days ago )
Contest Moderator: If the exposure time is not in the description by the end of the contest... entries will be removed permanently. ( 5 years and 1879 days ago )
Contest Moderator: Contest is closed ( 5 years and 1876 days ago )

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night drive - created by bjschneider

night drive
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tripod mounted in my backseat for a 35 mph drive through town. 25 seconds at f14 (5 years and 1880 days ago)

wishes - created by bjschneider

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Walt Disney World's Wishes fireworks show. 20 sec. at f22 (5 years and 1878 days ago)

Angry Cloud - created by MarcosSanchez

Angry Cloud
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8 sec. / ISO-125

If you like rays, feel free to see more at my album rays... (5 years and 1885 days ago)

moon - created by matsx2

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30. sec
ISO 200 (5 years and 1882 days ago)

The Lonely Tree - created by loganfoll

The Lonely Tree
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Long exposure of about 2 minutes. Took three different shots and made an HDR version. (5 years and 1884 days ago)