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By nem
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Keep an eye out for lines, the kind that will lead your eye into the scene of the photo or even lead the eye past the scene and out of a photo. Leading lines can help to divide a photo or to unify, and it draws you into the photo at the same time. Leading lines can be straight, curved, zigzag. Think about train tracks, fences, curved roads, winding stairs. Anything that has a line of sorts that will help to draw the eye in and along it.

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nem: It seems the concept of 'leading lines' should be explained better. I think this site does a pretty good job with it: ( 5 years and 1223 days ago )
nem: http://www.photographyblogger.net/leading-lines/ ( 5 years and 1223 days ago )
nem: Just lines is _not_ leading lines afaik. Leading lines should lead somewhere, otherwise that term would be pointless (consider a picture without any lines at all …) ( 5 years and 1223 days ago )

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Getting Home - created by nem

Getting Home
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(5 years and 1218 days ago)

Lighthouse - created by BeSea

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(5 years and 1222 days ago)

Supersonic Speed - created by nem

Supersonic Speed
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(5 years and 1218 days ago)

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Double Leading Lines - created by riady

Double Leading Lines
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(5 years and 1224 days ago)

Stairs - created by WYSIWYG

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(5 years and 1223 days ago)

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