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By nem
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Take a picture of your favorite prepared dinner. The focus must be the complete dish and not the individual ingredients. Show us the dinner plate that mouthwaters you!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: fatmike85

kyricom: This theme is making me VERY hungry ( 5 years and 2093 days ago )
lincemiope: I published the dinners of a restaurant, canceled by mod. I do not see the guidelines set up the dinners must be cooked by the author of the photo: I wanted to say that we eat better than in my house. you can clarify, please? ( 5 years and 2091 days ago )
Contest Moderator: There is nothing to say it has to be cooked with you, but it states;
"Show us the dinner plate that mouthwaters you! "
so I felt a table full of plates were off theme, but do not discuss you photos here. If I had been wrong I would still not be able to re-instate that photo as you have told us who's it is. ( 5 years and 2090 days ago )
lincemiope: was not my intention to discuss here is my picture. I responded with a red flag to the moderator. a choice of dinners at the restaurant was my favorite dinner. just understand each other. thanks ( 5 years and 2090 days ago )

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Tasty Fellow - created by nem

Tasty Fellow
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Lobster and some champagne makes always for a great dinner. (5 years and 2096 days ago)

Salmon Sushi! - created by fatmike85

Salmon Sushi!
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(5 years and 2096 days ago)

Delusions of Grandeur - created by Wayne Cheah

Delusions of Grandeur
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(5 years and 2091 days ago)

Yummy Katsudon - created by riady

Yummy Katsudon
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(5 years and 2091 days ago)

No comments yet... Be the first!Yummy, Katsudon

Yummy Wiener Schnitzel - created by nem

Yummy Wiener Schnitzel
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with potato salad … (5 years and 2096 days ago)