Street Performers 2 - Photography Contest [26 entries]

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Enter a picture of a person, or people trying to make a living doing shows on the street. They could be dancing, playing an instrument, having their animal talk or do tricks, throwing flames...any performance, as long as it's on the street.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

kyricom: These themes always remind me that I am sooooooo happy I don't live somewhere that has these people ( 5 years and 1273 days ago )
FallingHorse: ditto Kyri ( 5 years and 1272 days ago )
lchappell: Amen kyricom ( 5 years and 1266 days ago )

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what are you reading? - created by nikita61

what are you reading?
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(5 years and 1275 days ago)

Metal man - created by friiskiwi

Metal man
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(5 years and 1274 days ago)

On stilts - created by friiskiwi

On stilts
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(5 years and 1269 days ago)

Who cares About Me - created by 6tann

Who cares About Me
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Capture this in the Street of India (5 years and 1275 days ago)

Contortionist - created by lady38shooter

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(5 years and 1272 days ago)