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During the party, somebody turns out the light and everybody begins to sing "Happy Birthday to you ..." ! Then arrives the birthday cake and the person blows the candles. What are you doing during this time ? You take some photographs of the cake!

It's time to show here your best birthday cake pictures. Try not to give us a "flash-flattened" pictures. Only birthday cakes are allowed, cakes without candle(s) on it will be considered off theme. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Artifakts

Contest Moderator: Please remember "Only birthday cakes are allowed, cakes without candle(s) on it will be considered off theme". ( 5 years and 2163 days ago )
Eladine: I seen a lot of birthday cakes and though some of them really look awesome.. we are not to vote for the prettiest cake right? its about the photo right and the picture is most time just an ordinary picture of a birthday cake.. shot from almost same angles.. same setups.. theres just a few that really stand out here in photography so far with these birthday cakes.. ( 5 years and 2162 days ago )
Contest Moderator: "Only birthday cakes are allowed" implies no other types of cakes are allowed. Other items are allowed in the shot. ( 5 years and 2162 days ago )
Artifakts: Agree with you Eladine ! ( 5 years and 2161 days ago )
kyricom: You raise a point that is valid in many themes most weeks, Eladine ( 5 years and 2160 days ago )
kyricom: We tried to count the candles on my mother's cake to see how old she was - but the heat drove us back! ( 5 years and 2158 days ago )

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Which wish will we wish ? - created by Artifakts

Which wish will we wish ?
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(5 years and 2163 days ago)

Batman Birthday Cake - created by riady

Batman Birthday Cake
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A boy birthday cake with his favorite character, Batman (5 years and 2163 days ago)

Before the singing - created by Remsphoto

Before the singing
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(5 years and 2159 days ago)

Happy Birthday - created by riady

Happy Birthday
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One of my friend's daughter's birthday cake where I was given an honour to capture their happiest moment (5 years and 2163 days ago)

Happy BDay Kat! - created by MnMCarta

Happy BDay Kat!
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(5 years and 2164 days ago)