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Here is a list of free photoshop plugins. Take any photo you have and apply only one filter. Do not make any other adjustments to the photo except for the one single filter you added in PS or other program. You're not restricted to the plugins listed on that page... you can use any filter you like best, but only use external filters. ( so no filters that are in PS by default)

You must show the original in an SBS and a screen shot of the process while doing it. For example, if you use photoshop, open your filter effects and get the filter to your specified settings and then take a screen shot with it open.

Post this picture in the SBS also and state what filter was used. You can take a screen shot by pressing the PrtSc button on your keyboard and then paste it into your program such as Photoshop or even Windows Paint.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: k5683

MnMCarta: anyone want to tell me how to do the screen shot? I only know the print screen key and paste that to like word or email. ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
karaflazz: Lots of PS lately on photography contests....
( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
kyricom: Yeah, I agree karaflazz ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
sodoff: I like the addition of a little PS to certain contests. I would like to see a contest that allows a little something extra every week ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
rbsgrl: I don't even have a clue what this means!!!! I like photography not photoshop. If I wanted to do photoshop, I would enter those contests. So yea, I agree with karaflazz too! ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
Lelaina: @MnMCarta: Here's an explanation for Photoshop: After you pressed the PrtSc key, press "CTRL+N" click "OK" there and then press "CTRL+V" on your keyboard. That adds the screenshot to that file. ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Finally a filters only contest? Yea this would definitely be a better fit for photography and not photoshop.

rbsgrl: It's simple if you are a little familiar with PS. Basically you are allowed to break the filters rule in this contest. The filters are just artistic touches, so to speak and adding one to a photo sometimes can really enhance it. I wouldn't say it's photoshop. It just one step.

So I guess I'm the only defense on this contest. Great idea! Sounds fun and I already have a bunch to pick from ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
rbsgrl: I have zero experience with PS. Guess I need to go spend some time with my friend to teach me. ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Adding filters to your photos is generally something most people first start doing with photoshop when they first start playing around with it because they're easy to work with. But really there's not much to them. You'll see what I mean once you get an opportunity to play around with them. It's very basic level PS. That's why they aren't allowed to Filter only use, in PS contests. It's just a simple technique and not really photo shopping. ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Poster Edges was always one of my favorites. The right photo can really be enhanced nicely with it. ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
k5683: You see filters used a lot nowdays in Senior portraits, family portraits, etc. A vignette is a filter that is used a lot that just adds a special touch to the photo.
If you have no experience with Photoshopping at all, upload your picture to " " and add a single filter there. Just remember to take a screen shot.
After you click on the Print Screen button, go to any paint program and either right click on the page and press "paste" or press "Ctrl V" ( 5 years and 2382 days ago )
MnMCarta: I don't get why we can't use what's already in our program already. Sheri I'll show you where to find them next time you come over or I come over. ( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I think we can, Amanda. Mods? Clarify? Does it matter what filter is used so long as just "one" is used????? ( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
k5683: " you can use any filter you like best, but only use external filters. ( so no filters that are in PS by default)" ( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
jerostone: What with 9 photography topics per week, I suppose one of them can nicely be a tad out of the box, without hurting anybody’s feelings. If the addition of filters every now and then can help us produce interesting images, then why not? I guess this most and above all we do for fun. If not, kindly notify me, and I am out of here. ( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
dato_t: I agree with karaflazz and rbsgrl. ( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
Ory: I think its a good idea Most good photographers will eventually use PS to achieve better or different effects. Look at half the people that get featured on our blog, the shots are far from "Out of the camera," in fact most of the popular photographers work that I follow make alterations.

ie, adding nice vignettes, or selective contrast, using clone tool to remove wires to make things float, adding frames, so many tools that can just make a good photo great. I don't think their is anything wrong with it. ( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
k5683: Exactly Ory!
( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
k5683: Looks like Fractilius takes the stage!!!! Love it!
( 5 years and 2381 days ago )
cairn: Shouldn't this one be placed in the Photoshop contests? Wha is the use of the photoshop contest then? ( 5 years and 2380 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Cairn, really it's just one step. ( 5 years and 2380 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Ah this is BS!!!! We should be able to use the default filters. No wonder everybody's discouraged.

Hey mod? You on vacation??? Why don't we adjust it so we can use default filters??? It is, after all, a photography contest.. ( 5 years and 2380 days ago )
sodoff: It's just one contest...suggest a contest where you can only use a PS filter then...of course then people who don't have PS will complain ( 5 years and 2380 days ago )
Ory: How do you learn if you don't try anything new? ( 5 years and 2380 days ago )
karaflazz: Hahaha,,,,there you we fighting for filters!!!!
Whats next???
:P ( 5 years and 2380 days ago )
kyricom: Stop pretending this isn't photoshop. "It's only one filter." "Can't we use default filters?" "I know people who remove wires to make stuff float" (why not just use spot exposure and not remove anything?), "Gee everyone else does it" Bah, humbug. There's nothing wrong with chopping. i like it. I do it. It's fun. but it ISN'T photography (ok, so I'm an old fart. GET OFF OF MY LAWN!) ( 5 years and 2379 days ago )
MnMCarta: I keep trying to find filters and I keep gettin virus's! I quit! HUMPH! LOL ( 5 years and 2378 days ago )
k5683: MnMCarta, use the link in the theme description--no virus' there. ( 5 years and 2378 days ago )
rbsgrl: Do you have to have photoshop installed in order to get the plug-ins? ( 5 years and 2377 days ago )
rbsgrl: Nvm, figured filters on another least I think I figured it out. Whew, I have been at this computer for 4 hours trying to get the hang of this filter thing!
Please oh please oh please tell me I did it right!!!! Guess I will know by any comments I get on my entries or at least by what place I come in...OR if they get removed LOL.
Pretty sure its medication time! G'night! ( 5 years and 2377 days ago )
MnMCarta: I wanted to be different but I guess I'll stick with the norm ( 5 years and 2376 days ago )
sodoff: I did not see any comments saying this was not photoshop. Just a chance to do something different. Actually less photoshop than HDR, panoramas, diptych and selective color..2 of which are always allowed. And using just a filter would get ridiculed in a photoshop contest. So allowing something different occasionally covers the gray area between the photography and photoshop contests. Just my 2 I'm going to go walk on Kyricom's lawn. ( 5 years and 2376 days ago )
rbsgrl: Trust me Amanda, you ARE different!!! ( 5 years and 2376 days ago )
MnMCarta: oooooo is it Frowlic on kyricom's lawn day? COUNT ME IN!! Might even sprinkle some water on the flowers just cause I care! ( 5 years and 2376 days ago )
friiskiwi: Thee are some really neat filters, just wish everybody had been clear on what filter they were using. ( 5 years and 2376 days ago )
MnMCarta: about 90% of them are the fractalious lol ( 5 years and 2375 days ago )
alexa: got lost again and cant find how to add steps for the process ..
plz someone help ( 5 years and 2373 days ago )

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Ghost. - created by Ory

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Owl - created by maclu2iaf

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(5 years and 2374 days ago)

Mouse - created by Ory

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Used Fractilus.

Thank you for that other author, I got it after I saw your entry and it is awesome!! (5 years and 2381 days ago)

glowing - created by CrystleClear

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squirrel - created by kathyw

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Fractilus. (5 years and 2381 days ago)