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In this contest, your goal is to enter artistic photos of tickets. What kind of tickets, you ask? ANY KIND! Plane, train and bus tickets, parking tickets, concert, game and even lottery tickets. If it is by any definition a ticket, it is on theme. However, your entry must portray DOF (Depth of Field)

This is a technique in photography commonly used to add depth to the subject in the photo, drawing your eyes to the focus point you want the photographer wanted your eyes to lead. Still confused what DOF is? Please refer back to this contest for good examples, as well as a tutorial for better understanding DOF: Speakers DOF.

Required level: 10+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: jawshoewhah

jawshoewhah: Nice!!!!! ( 5 years and 2110 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Free idea: I don't live in a state with a lottery (one 3 states, what luck is that?) but I imagine most of you might. Get a photo of a lottery ticket with the numbers (TV, computer,etc) defocused in the background. ( 5 years and 2105 days ago )
rbsgrl: Great idea! I can't do it cause I am not at this level...YET! ( 5 years and 2104 days ago )
rbsgrl: But I could send you a failed lotto ticket, got lots of them! ( 5 years and 2104 days ago )
friiskiwi: I'm getting confused, so what do they want, a good deep DOF or a very shallow one, from the entries that are still here, it looks more like what the mods want is something in focus and the rest OOF. ( 5 years and 2102 days ago )

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Departure - created by maclu2iaf

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(5 years and 2104 days ago)

CMA Fest - created by DrewBlood

CMA Fest
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Tickets for the CMA Fest in Nashville 2010 (5 years and 2108 days ago)

Win Collection - created by Shikyo

Win Collection
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Every single one of these tickets was a winning was so it's a collection of winning tickets. (5 years and 2102 days ago)

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Park hopper - created by Remsphoto

Park hopper
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(5 years and 2105 days ago)

Madame Tussauds - created by dato_t

Madame Tussauds
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(5 years and 2107 days ago)