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'A man's errors are his portals of discovery.' - James Joyce
Interpret these wise words in your own way and put the result of your interpretation in a photograph. You can relate to the errors in life or to discovering a better path or a way of doing things. Explain your interpretation in a short description of the photo.

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Suggested by: Giulia

jawshoewhah: I'm still lost as to what the theme is exactly. ( 5 years and 2235 days ago )
Mekun: Learning from ones mistakes. ( 5 years and 2235 days ago )
jawshoewhah: So, photographs of mistakes? That's what I'm gathering from the contest avatar pic. ( 5 years and 2235 days ago )
wiseman: mistakes that have bettered you the the solutions that have bettered your mistakes...i think ( 5 years and 2235 days ago )
wiseman: or the solution^ ( 5 years and 2235 days ago )

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color is my drug - created by Alexandra

color is my drug
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everyone can leave the straight and narrow, though for some these mistakes can be more severe and strict then for the others.
it was a lucky day to realize that drugs are not gonna help to see the world happier, brighter, more sunny and smiling. grateful, that now only smiles of the beloved, beauties of nature is what gives hope and pleasure of life, grateful that only COLOR IS MY DRUG! (5 years and 2233 days ago)

Simplistic beauty - created by JoelleMT

Simplistic beauty
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I once came across a quote,"There is great beauty in simple things, if we only take the time to notice them" which I think suits this picture. In my opinion, one of men's errors in life is the failure to appreciate the beauty of simple essential things in life, which are sometimes taken for granted, but in reality mean a lot to our well being. These things can be anything that we might take for granted; from emotional feelings, to other people around us, to the nature around us. (5 years and 2236 days ago)

up in smoke - created by wiseman

up in smoke
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error: smoking, they cost so much and all that happens is they go up in smoke anyways. (5 years and 2237 days ago)

Improvement or a Mistake? - created by maclu2iaf

Improvement or a Mistake?
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Caught this during student rally to stop the cuts. (5 years and 2233 days ago)

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"E" Means Empty - created by UncleJimmy

"E" Means Empty
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For some, the temptation to push the limits leads to a shortfall in the final goal or destination...this poor chap ran dry across the street from the gas station (red awning in the background). (5 years and 2234 days ago)