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Ways, means, and alleyways - created by Diogelu

Ways, means, and alleyways
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(5 years and 1861 days ago)

Moderator says:

The theme directs that you include in the description as to why this shot represents your home town. Also, do not put the name of the town in the title or description. Put it in the red flag box and send it that way. Thanks.

author says:

An alleyway in a city where many federal committees meet, including the Ways and Means One. Is this description sufficient now, please?

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"E" Means Empty - created by UncleJimmy

"E" Means Empty
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For some, the temptation to push the limits leads to a shortfall in the final goal or destination...this poor chap ran dry across the street from the gas station (red awning in the background). (5 years and 2902 days ago)

avatar kyricom
kyricom says:

At least he's right by a gas station

avatar friiskiwi
friiskiwi says:


avatar Govindrathod

Nice try....

author says:

Govin, "nice try" meaning??? you believe it's off topic...poor quality? a bit more specifics would be helpful for future submissions. With vague comments, no one will improve or know what commentators really feel. When I do leave feed back I try to be a bit more specific if there is in my opinion, something lacking in a submission.

avatar mperri
mperri says:

I like the picture and the idea... but that column of black smoke (I think that is what it is) cutting through the right side of the truck kind of bothers me... looks a lot like a "stain" on the photo, and if it is indeed smoke, well... then the car should not be out on the road!!

author says:

I think its the antenna on my truck...oops! I shot it through the windshield as i was passing...

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This is definitly an error we learn from! nice picture and totally agree with your first comment. Vague comments aren't helpful for future submissions, especially for people new to photography and enter these competitions not only in hope of winning but probably more so for suggestions of ways to improve future snaps.

avatar madelinerayne

i agree on the vague comments...contructive criticism is only helpful when it isn't vague

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

You should have cropped out whatever that is on the right. It would have looked better. I hope that's not too vague. FYI, not everyone on this site speaks English very well. Could just be lost in translation

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