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No matter where they come from: the sun, lamps, lanterns, ... you have to capture them in your photo. This might be a little difficult to realize, but it also gives a lot of satisfaction. So, no matter if it is natural or artificial light, show us the rays it makes. No humans in the photo!
Also, photos with only a light source, showing no rays, are not valid. The light source can be in the picture as well, but the rays should be the main focus.

For an example, check out the following photo:

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Giulia

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sun coming through - created by WYSIWYG

sun coming through
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Breaking the Fog - created by twitchy

Breaking the Fog
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(5 years and 2908 days ago)

Crack Of Dawn - created by donh

Crack Of Dawn
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Straw Bale - created by paras

Straw Bale
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Let there be light - created by maclu2iaf

Let there be light
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