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Polaroid Landcamera 900 Picture

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The goal of this contest is simple, show us your most loved part of your photo equipment by using a different camera.
Show us a part of the equipment or just your favorite camera.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

Lodd: What's that on the contest goal thumbnail? ( 5 years and 319 days ago )
adeincyprus: Lodd, I believe it is a type of monopod with a trigger mechanism fitted, I saw something like this a while ago in a photog equipment shop here. ( 5 years and 316 days ago )
Lodd: aww, i thought it was a joystick for a space rocket :-/ ( 5 years and 316 days ago )
nofue: Nope, that's a Manfrotto fast locking tripod head. Pressing the trigger lets the cam move in any way you want, releasing it will lock the cam in place. It was replaced by an even nicer horizontally operated gadget. Google for Manfrotto heads to learn more… ( 5 years and 314 days ago )
Lodd: This contest is like p*rn to me. he he he ( 5 years and 307 days ago )

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Polaroid Landcamera 900 - created by itsmymoment

Polaroid Landcamera 900
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This is my still working 40 y/o Polaroid B&W Landcamera 900...My father used it to take many childhood photos of me that were hand-fixed separately after the photo paper was exposed in camera.

1926 Kodak Hawk-Eye 2a - created by itsmymoment

1926 Kodak Hawk-Eye 2a
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My grandfathers first camera...guess it runs in the blood! Shot inside my DIY lightbox.

Analog... - created by karaflazz

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...back when photography was JUST... experience!

hanimex - created by norcheez

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Zenit 11 - created by karaflazz

Zenit 11
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Zenit-11, the last off the true E types. Though it is almost exactly the same as an EM it is finished in glossy black with the zenit logo on the prism. It has a brother, the 12, which is also the same except that it has TTL metering. The 11 hasn't, it has the trusty old selenium cel in an uncoupled metersystem.