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TRADITIONAL DRAWING: Time to invent and draw a useless extremely complex machine, it can have (but this is not a must) have a purpose but the whole thing must shout extravanganza. Steampunk can be your inspiration and style in this but that's up to you.

Don't forget: a minimal 2 step progress SBS is mandatory.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: robvdn

gotmeamuse: I am clueless here. I dont understand "useless" Everything has a "use" What is deemed "useless" for one intention might be very "usefull" in another. For example, an old computer may be "useless" but it makes for one heck of a dangerous projectile. So everything has a "use". ( 5 years and 2140 days ago )
Momof4boyoboys: True gotmeamuse...not sure how to approach this one myself...and what is Steampunk? maybe it is something I should know....but I think I do not... ( 5 years and 2139 days ago )
SahyaMonster: maybe a machine that was usefull
but now its not.....broken machine! ^^ ( 5 years and 2138 days ago )
Contest Moderator: There's beauty in everything, which also gives everything a use. In this case useless means it doesn't have to have an obvious direct purpose of use. ( 5 years and 2138 days ago )
gotmeamuse: Im hoping someone enters something so I can get a feel for this. ( 5 years and 2135 days ago )
dato_t: Ermm... dateline is on Feb 11, am I right? ( 5 years and 2133 days ago )
JamesP: Could useless mean something along a computer as big as a room that can only add 2+2 --- That would be useless today... ?? ( 5 years and 2132 days ago )
k5683: it says the submit days are until FEB 11 ( 5 years and 2132 days ago )
gotmeamuse: hmmmmmm........maybe I better wait some more. ( 5 years and 2132 days ago )
Contest Moderator: LOL sorry, submit is still open. ( 5 years and 2132 days ago )
pearlie: Rob's suggestion for Steampunk-inspired images would be perfect for this contest. Just 'google' that word under images and you'll see. ( 5 years and 2131 days ago )
gotmeamuse: I think its just me. I have NO imagination. ( 5 years and 2130 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I'm surprised no one came up with a George W. Bush Cloning machine. ( 5 years and 2125 days ago )

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From the Future - created by mxlove

From the Future
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Talk about Useless. (5 years and 2127 days ago)

Useless Invention - created by tinstoy

Useless Invention
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This is my invention. I cannot tell you what it is because It is supposed to be useless. Just know that is something of a hat with mind reading technology, or maybe is a time machine included or slapped right in. Who knows, just me.

It is all imagination,so there are no source images. (5 years and 2131 days ago)

bath time - created by whimsicalb

bath time
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I live with 3 young boys. Useless to us would be a shower with an auto soap on a rope. We would have to get them in the shower first. (5 years and 2129 days ago)