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Useless Invention - created by tinstoy

Useless Invention
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This is my invention. I cannot tell you what it is because It is supposed to be useless. Just know that is something of a hat with mind reading technology, or maybe is a time machine included or slapped right in. Who knows, just me.

It is all imagination,so there are no source images. (5 years and 2131 days ago)

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I thought that it was a hat with a tv on it. It would be useless because how are you supposed to watch a tv that is on your head?

avatar gotmeamuse

Well done on a difficult theme. I was having brain lock and I think you have helped me. Thank You.

author says:

Yes, I had brainlock too until I bumped my head somewhere. Glad I could help.

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

This is cool! Sort of a pith helmet for the Jetsons gang.

avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

Top three for sure ! and it does look worthless --lol g.l.

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