Steel - created by pingenvy

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This was done with lots of bevel and emboss. rust textures were created with a combination of brush and eraser. I love the way erasers affect a layer with bevel/emboss selected. Of course you need a duplicate layer beneath. (5 years and 1071 days ago)

Deer in Headlights - created by pingenvy

Deer in Headlights
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All photos are mine except the road sign. Thanks to AllWork on flickr for that. (5 years and 1800 days ago)

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Bed of Flowers - created by pingenvy

Bed of Flowers
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Thanks to benkid77 via Wikimedia for the flower photo, cactusbones for the bedroom pic via flickr, and poppy2323 for the butterfly via fotopedia. (5 years and 1841 days ago)

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Let Us Prey - created by pingenvy

Let Us Prey
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This was done from a composite of two of my old photos(praying mantis) and one I took(wasp) while working on the drawing. I tried to scan for a brighter image, but my camera has better resolution. No camera raw is available to me at the moment to make lighting adjustments. (5 years and 2020 days ago)

Liliputian Recluse - created by pingenvy

Liliputian Recluse
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I liked the idea of a tiny dwelling on the water. The man is from my photos. The canoe is public domain. Thanks to knubie via stock exchange for the hut, and thanks to Aka via wikimedia commons for the dragonfly (5 years and 2287 days ago)

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