Checkmate... - created by Nellista

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I did this image for the first time the contest was posted on PST....but for some reason I didn't get to post I am very happy that I got a second chance!
I hope you like it!

I used some old chess pieces that I've found in the house as general reference!

Credits to "Andreyutzu" for the chess board backround. Official account at: (5 years and 2544 days ago)

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Caught in Another World - created by Nellista

Caught in Another World
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This was my entry for the old PST.
Please follow SBS for details.
The two images used are from

I hope you still like it! (5 years and 2590 days ago)

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Merry Land... - created by Nellista

Merry Land...
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I first carefully selected the merry-go-round in the source image, by using the pen tool.
Then I added the trees and gras backround and the clouds and sky. I blended them as good as possible using layer's masks. Colored them and gave them shadows.
I added Christmas lights using a very useful PNG file and baloons, also from a PNG package.
Added poppie field and changed blending mode to overlay. Blended it in.
I added more glow to the lights by using multiple layers with different blending modes (screen and color dodge), plus I added gaussian blur.
I added some gradient adjustment layers for coloring, brightness/contrast, and some soft brushes touch in some areas to enlighten them.

Credits to:
1. "Pyrator" on Flickr for an amazing backround image, at:
2. "Bluesse" on deviantart for an amazing stock, specially the PNG Packages which I strongly suggest that you go and have a look, they are extremely useful and totally awesome. Please visit account at:
3. "obsidiandawn" for another great PNG package, the Christmas lights, which are usually very hard to find on the web. Official site at:

Hope you like it! (5 years and 2624 days ago)

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The Time Tamer - created by Nellista

The Time Tamer
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Ok....I have only one word to say about this....looooots of work...and lots of sources!
I have dreamed to create a steampunk image for a long time now...and I'm happy I got the chance to do it!
Hope you find it interesting for a first try!

First of all million thanks to Becky Stock on deviantart for the great man image, at

Then credits to:
- "csnyder" at for beautiful clouds images;
- "" for a great mask image at:;
- "strwberrystk" for the little key at:;
- "sunira"for a great great galaxies free brush at:

Please see also extra sources:
1. - Clock for backround
2. - Clock 1 on hat
3. - Clock 2 on hat
4. - Clock 3 on hat
5. - Rooster
6. - black hat
7. - wings on hat
8. - Furnace
9. - smoke brush
10. - Galaxies Brush

Please see high resolution and also be kind and wait for SBS, will be posting it tomorrow as it has been a long day on photoshop for me...!

Hope you like it! (5 years and 2640 days ago)

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Night Lotus - created by Nellista

Night Lotus
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I felt like doing something different with this one since everybody used it as it is in most of entries.
I reconstructed the lotus petals out of source image. Each petal has two layers, one blending mode normal, second one blending mode hard light to pop up natural shadows.
I merged all petals together, colored them slightly, added clouds backround in different positions and stars on top of all image. Added some sharpening, masked some parts of the stars so that they don't overwhelm the image and I added gradient adjustment layers and brightness and contrast. (5 years and 2650 days ago)

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