Wooden Archangel - created by Nellista

Wooden Archangel
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I have thought that for this constest any image could be turned into a grunge style. But I didn't think this should be enough, so I decided to actually create some sort of a creature, something original and then make it look totally grunge.
So....I reconstructed over the woman sculpture using selections from a wooden circlet and ball. I used warp tool to get the shapes I wanted.
I created the backround by adding a lot of grunge sources.
Added wings, shadows, some gradient adjustment layers and corrected some spots by using the clone stamp tool.

Lots of credits to:
- "CSnyder" on deviantart for some really cool grunge textures. Visit account at: http://csnyder.deviantart.com/;
- "Fetishfaerie" also on deviantart for some very good glass grunge packages, at: http://fetishfaerie-stock.deviantart.com/;
- "Markopolio" on deviantart for some great angel wings. At: http://markopolio-stock.deviantart.com/;
- "Night-fate stock" on deviantart for the best grunge image I've ever seen. Please visit author at: http://night-fate-stock.deviantart.com/.
- and last but not least, "Spiritsighs" on deviantart for a really good texture brush which I used to render the blood spots on the backround. Main account for other great brushes at: http://spiritsighs-stock.deviantart.com/.

There are two extra sources used, which, even if they are not too visible...I assure you that they are on the image:

1.. http://fetishfaerie-stock.deviantart.com/art/Frost-Pack-III-33357187 - Frost Texture

2. http://fetishfaerie-stock.deviantart.com/art/Frost-Pack-V-47098236 - Glass Grunge Texture

Hope you like it!
Enjoy! (5 years and 2628 days ago)

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Under the Moonlight - created by Nellista

Under the Moonlight
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First of all I selected the hut by using the pen tool. It was quite a work to get rid of some backround that was still visible through some wood pieces.
I selected the moon out of a picture by using the quick selection tool and added onto my hut image. Found a good spot for the moon (top right side of the screen) and connected the hut to the moon by using a hook from one of my own images (please see SBS).
Added sky and clouds backround, trees, colored image using a lot of different gradient adjustment layers.
Added light beams from windows and some star dust using an excellent magic brush.

Credits to:
- "Lill-stock" for a perfect moon image. Please visit account at: http://lill-stock.deviantart.com/;
- "spiritsighs-stock" for a perfect fantasy brush. Main account at: http://spiritsighs-stock.deviantart.com/;

And "Stock.xchng", as usual the best site to find exactly what I'm looking for and "obsidiandawn" for a great light beam brush with endless usage!

Please see SBS for details.
I hope you like it! (5 years and 2628 days ago)

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The Call... - created by Nellista

The Call...
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I cut pieces from the porcelain pumpkin image, added them onto the stone ball. Colored and added shadows to every element.
Added dwarf, added shadows for him, added backround and grass, and colored using a couple of adjustment layers.
Added butterflies, galaxies and light beams brushes.
Added gradients to obtain warm color and light.

Credits to:
- "bazzabent stock" on deviantart for a great stock so kindly given to us. I used two images: porcelain pumpkin and dwarf. Visit account at: http://bazzabent-stock.deviantart.com/.
- "shoofly-stock" also on deviantart for a stock that I am absolutely in love with. I used some really great butterflies PNG files. Visit account at: http://shoofly-stock.deviantart.com/.
- "sunira" on deviantart for the galaxies brush that helped me a lot to get just the right feeling I was looking for. At: http://sunira.deviantart.com/.
- "rlBrushes" on deviantart for a wonderful pixie dust brush. Account at: http://rl-brushes.deviantart.com/.

Rest of images are from "stockxchng" as usual and also from obsidiandawn and blendfu.com. Thanks to all these sites for a wonderful job offered to all of us!

SBS posted!
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The Lady Behind the Mask - created by Nellista

The Lady Behind the Mask
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Well....I am pretty sure you recognize the lady behind the mask...!
First of all I wanted to show how much she likes masks and then I wanted to bring a tribute to her unique style. Of course....she definitely would have done it better then me....as it's her style...but I hope you'll like this anyway!

Sorry about the small size but that's how small the picture was...!

What I did was made a selection of her hair and then multiplied it and rotated it keeping the center always in the same place. I wanted to make it look like her style as close as possible.
Then I did same thing for eyebrows, mask, little tiara and backround wings.
I changed blending mode for mask to multiply to make it a bit see through and made the wings really glowing by changing blending mode to screen and adding gaussian blur.
I also added some glitter for which I thank "redhead stock" on Deviantart. You can find plenty of other super cool and useful brushes at: http://redheadstock.deviantart.com/.

I hope you like it and specially that she likes it...!
(5 years and 2650 days ago)

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Redesigning the Past - created by Nellista

Redesigning the Past
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This was a fairly easy job, but I thought that due to the fact that the source image is quite difficult, the easiest way was to use the pattern on the wood.
So I did a selection of that pattern and put it on top of the Parthenon columns. Changed blending mode to hard light and then duplicated layer, desaturated and changed blending mode again to multiply, also lowered opacity to get more natural shadows.
Masked the pattern, distorted and warped it to better match columns shape.
Added gradient layers for coloring, and light beams (gaussian blur and lowered opacity). (5 years and 2650 days ago)

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