Magically Realism Fantasy Pictures by Michael Parkes

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Today’s showcase is based on the beautiful Magic Realism fantasy art of Michael Parkes. Michael is an American artist now living in Spain. He is mostly famous for his work in the fields of fantasy art and magic realism. He has studied painting and graphic art at Kansas University. Michael parkes specializes in sculpture, painting […]

How one of our Moderators (Rein aka. Spaceranger) created “Horatio”, the new Mascot for Hertz Corporation

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‘Horatio’ is his name and he represents the Hertz Car Rental company in their latest advertising campaign.  The man behind this new icon is one of our own: Rein Lohse a.k.a. Spaceranger – one of our loyal members and moderators! If you haven’t seen the campaign yet, here it is: We asked Rein to tell […]

Top 25 Photos from the Photography Contests in August 2013

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Another month of thrilling photography contests has ended! We’ve collected the 20 highest scoring entries from the Pxleyes photography contests that were active during the month August 2013… This list is ranked by the final scores of the entries. The most spectacular pictures were submitted in the little things, birds in the wild, i’m a […]

Meet Seth Casteel, a Pet Photographer specialized in Diving Dogs

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Even though many of our readers might have seen your photos already since you published for instance in National Geographic, Animal Planet and many other magazines / websites before and soon you’ll have your own photobook, can you introduce yourself first? Hi! My name is Seth Casteel and I am a lifestyle pet photographer. I […]

A Showcase and Talk with Fashion Photographer Oliver Oetlli

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“A fashion shooting is not a lot of work, it’s much more. Most people think you just take a model, put some clothes on and go shoot her in a cool club, or a park, or a toilet. And actually, yes that can work, too. My life is my inspiration. I want to live my […]

A talk with the Art Director of Assassin’s Creed 3: The Chinh Ngo

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Assassin’s Creed is one of the blockbusters of the gaming industry made by Ubisoft, last November (2012) part 5 of this highly rated series was released. We had the chance to ask The Chinh Ngo, the art director of this game, some questions about how a game of this magnitude is made, focussing on the […]

The Wormworld Saga – a Visual Interview With Graphic Artist Daniel Lieske

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  Daniel Lieske is a German cartoonist who made his own dream come true and publishes a free, online comic called ‘The Wormworld Saga’. Curious about this lonely guy in a German comic landscape we had a talk with him about his ‘Wormworld Saga’ and his thoughts about and experience with digital drawing. Let us […]

Underwater Art and Photography by David Benz and Melanie Schuler – with Interview

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Thanks for doing this interview with THE EYE, can you first give a short introduction, who are David and Melanie?  We are the team from Art & Water, founded in 2008, specializing in professional underwater photography. Aesthetic, mystical and magical. Images of quirky creatures, mysterious mermaids and sirens, colorful reef scapes and fairy tale life […]

50 Poetic Depictions of Unicorns

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Rumor is they still exist to this day. Unicorns are at the heart of thousands of European folklore legends. Usually a friend to the hero, when in need, the Unicorn can fight fiercely. Ever since the ancient Greeks first mentioned this legendary animal’s existence, it’s been a symbol for purity and grace. Kings wanting to […]

50 Photos of Colorful Exotic Fish from the Depths of the Ocean

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The wonderful underwater world is partially given by the what seems to be an endless number of fish species. With colors that some of us can’t even imagine, millions of fishes populate the seas and oceans all around the globe, giving a veritable show to whomever dives or snorkels. This showcase brings closer the fascinating […]