Magically Realism Fantasy Pictures by Michael Parkes

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Today’s showcase is based on the beautiful Magic Realism fantasy art of Michael Parkes. Michael is an American artist now living in Spain. He is mostly famous for his work in the fields of fantasy art and magic realism. He has studied painting and graphic art at Kansas University. Michael parkes specializes in sculpture, painting […]

50 Mindblowing Pieces of Art Manipulating Reality

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Today we are going to witness the stream of consciousness of an artist’s mind portrayed in an image. With the normal eye you cannot mix 2 realities and make a third one of your own but Photo manipulation provide you that tool. No need to say that Photoshop plays a very essential part in this […]

50 Stunning Angels created by Professional Digital Artists

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For centuries, people talked and depicted angels, no matter if it was in a religious manner or just as mythological creatures. They have always existed, the angels of light and the ones of the darkness. Today’s showcase presents 50 of the most beautiful creations of some really talented digital artists. Our angels come today as […]

Tribute to Kagaya: A Showcase Of His Most Famous and Colorful Works of Art

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Born in 1968 in Japan, Kagaya is a fine digital artist who focuses on the creation of computer graphics paintings, digital prints and illustrations for magazines and posters. With solid studies in this field, Kagaya’s main themes are: the Universe, constellations, our planet and humans’ aspirations, dreams. He had books published, exhibitions and planetarium shows […]

50 Magical Fantasy Scenes to Make You Dream Away

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The word “fantasy” is defined as the imagination which isn’t restricted by reality, it is a situation imagined by a creator which doesn’t correspond with the real world, but expresses certain aims or desires, involving scenes that are not possible under normal circumstances. Even though they create unreal representations of the world, computer generated images […]

40 Stunning Examples of Fantasy Character Designs

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Fantasy characters range from the inhabitants of surreal, gravity-defying worlds to diligent and honorable warriors and nymphs endowed with supernatural abilities. Here are 40 fantasy characters, all with a unique twist. Some are armor-clad, others have wings. The variability within the fantasy scene is truly one of its most notable assets. Each image shows how […]